Friday, October 1, 2010

new abstracts: musings

something formless about them. a sense of calm patience. these are larger, more expansive. they are not begging for form but for small playful strokes: an exploration of layering translucents over one another. Perhaps hanging chandeliers, the endless beaded loops: a chance for more of my favorite oval form: but maybe something less identifiable. I do not feel eager with a large brush and broad strokes, or an urgency to cover the canvas and find a direction.

what are my thoughts... that there is something about my new environmental musings in it. what was it? on the road to pick up my mother from the airport, late night, dark and stormy night, pelted by swaths of rain and ambushed by roaring semi trucks, I calmly walked my mind around the surface of my new red canvas and the different colors to play on its surface. The lights reflected from the tailights in wide swaths of brilliant rectangular color.

Perhaps they are simply shadow-catchers. I place them in front of the play of light and capture the scene behind them, in endless layers. sketch form that is immediately dissolved at its edges.

or something about the acceptance of death.

the glazing is an issue... for some reason there are dry spots and wet spots... very distracting. and yet.. another guide (quieting down and following the small tracks in the forests). I paint some bright red in mimicry of the spattered oily spots, and then just try wiping the sheen off with a cloth: and reveal the most beautiful textured pattern: the original dull vermillion revealed like weathering: the surface of marined metal.

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