Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 30th

Things I am thankful for on the last day of my favorite month:

my studio, freshly cleaned and scrubbed and ready for painting sessions:

our garden, starting to burst with life:

Sava Talulah, trampoline champion/sweeper of the universe:

new sunflower shoots:

a husband who confesses "language is the prosthetic for my pain"

my adorable parents:

fresh made bread:

and, last but not least:  my new job

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Weekend

What a beautiful weekend. My art opening on Friday at The Artful Dodger went really well- and I got to stay out late and watch a few shows and go out on the town afterwards, which is such a wonderful, out of the ordinary experience for me any more these days. (thanks Jamba for taking Sava home while I got to play!). Saturday was family day, and Jamba took Sava and I to Charlottesville where we had an absolutely beautiful, sun-kissed day walking around downtown and listening to street musicians and going to art galleries, and eating good food. On Sunday we had a big backyard bbq party, complete with a rousing game of kickball. Life is good.......Spring is good.