Wednesday, September 29, 2010

paintings in progress

September 29th

After sweltering weeks, it has cooled down with a nice cloudy drizzly three days... Ahhhhh. Garden has already sprung back into green, just in time for my mom's visit (she is coming tomorrow for 10 days!) Only, I went into my studio to paint and it was chilly! What gives?  Do I have to go straight from fans to space heaters? You know, I am not complaining: I love my backyard studio all open to the elements, perched up high amongst the trees. I have decided one of my favorite places on the planet is to sit on my top step, watching the sun and wind play on all that green, while taking a break from painting.

Anyway, my two new abstracts are giving me paroxysms of happiness. Here they are stretched and with their first coats... the red one is going to be an adventure in which I repeat the journey i undertook a few years ago for a commissioned "rothko" color field painting. I found the scribbled map in my stuff and decided to do it again, only with form and play added in. So this is with vermillion, and a light wash of ultramarine blue...

also, the landscape continues to evolve. Maybe in a bad direction (?)

and finally,  finished two of those acrylic abstracts I started last week........ I love this one: it reminds me of a Norwegian folk art called Rosemaling  (rose painting), only, of course, more modern and loose.

abstract caterpillar chugging through space

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