Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paintings at The Yellow Button

My show is looking lovely at TYB.... and I am happy, for now, to not be painting any more bird paintings. Amazing how my energy flows back and forth between styles... It took all these months of painting on wood panels to rekindle a thirst for painting on canvas. I feel like I have gotten something out, and done some retraining of hand and eye, with these figurative works, and am now broken open and ready to paint in the wide open realm of abstract again.

Four new big square stretcher frames now sit waiting for canvas to be stretched over them and stapled: I am ready for the voyage. In the meantime, on of those big canvases: a transition piece. A cloudy landscape with lavender fields. There is a fine line demarcating a sky full of storm clouds and a luminous abstract painting, and I am having a good time walking that line in this piece. Not sure if this will lead to more landscapes (those lovely autumn fields and soft warm winds are beckoning). Note: this painting is still in progress....(I am still working on the lavender fields) and was inspired by a local painter.

Also, in getting ready for the abstracts: I was having fun working with acrylic paint with my last few bird pieces... and decided to go out and buy some good quality acrylic paint and have some, just FUN on the last few wood panels I had leftover from my painting workshop. Practicing the gestures of abstract.

I have always had such a hard time with acrylic.. muttering at the dullness of the paint, but I found some beautiful tubes of paint that are blowing me away... quinacradone yellow-gold, for one! Does anyone else fall in passionate love affairs with tubes of paint like I do? Also loving the immediacy of the gesture, and the ability to paint and paint and bury strokes under one another, without the lengthy drying time. So I will close with pictures of these last few abstracts: they are about 24 x 30 inches, and 24 x 24: acrylic on wood.

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  1. Oh yes...i love me a good tube of paint. nothing more magical and empowering. Sometimes, I have to fight the urge to just lick. Your work is aMAZing. Love lex.