Thursday, March 25, 2010

new abstracts

Thought you might like to see the artistic process at work... in the form of two gradually evolving abstract paintings. ...  for instance, this painting, called Ascending, which I have had "finished" for a few years now, but have grown tired of looking at,

Just got turned on its side and is becoming this: One Theory for How it Began:

                                            .... finished! May 31, 2010

Another one, called "the mouth of the cave" or "arrival of the sentinels"... unfortunately I hadn't taken any photos before it got to this stage.. but you can see the final three tweakings

finished!! also May 31st, 2010, just in time to hang on Wednesday for my new show

1 comment:

  1. oh wow!! I love your paintings, they are so inspiring, Great work!