Monday, March 15, 2010

March Paintings

                                           Ladders. 36 x 48 inches. oil on panel

Here is Ali & Sava, finished!!:Really happy with how this turned out, especially the wallpaper on the right wall.

In an effort to get ready for my April show and due to the extremely accomodating natures of husband and roommate, I have set up an ad-hoc studio in our dining room til the studio warms up. Here are some paintings that have come out so far.... one that I started awhile ago and am now just finishing, and another that is still very much in progress. I actually stayed up last night until 12 pm- until the point of absolute exhaustion. It felt good.
This painting, still very much in progress (I have already scrubbed the turquoise off the right wall), was painted over an abstract painting I had no idea what to do with. Here is the abstract that is being covered:

 and the end result... well, who knows. Stay tuned! But here is the source photo I am working from: it was taken in a neighbor's house down in Staunton, of my friend Ali holding baby Sava in his arms.

 At some point I would like to do a painting that is more true to this photo, but for now, I am having fun.

Update: today I played around on photoshop.. this is more where I am hoping to go with it:


  1. I love your new stuff!!!!!!!! Really like the ladders!!

  2. Nice! I am so glad Tyler. Reviewing Ladson came at the perfect time for my painting of Ali and Sava, actually. Thanks!

  3. erin, these new works are gorgeous. thank you so much for keeping me inspired, and reminding me why i paint. kisses