Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aesthetic of the Undone

That is the statement that has been floating about in my head today. It was inspired by climbing the stairs with Sava in my arms today, headed for nap-time, and looking at the half-painted stairwell and hall. It was left over from our great big move-in flurry last June. The blue tape framing the trim and doorways has become part of the aesthetic... a certain industrial loft-like chic, I like to think. Or else, I am just getting really good at the art of letting go. I wonder, sometimes, if we are ever going to get around to finishing this one last area in the house.

I wonder.....

For the moment, I am tremendously occupied with planning our garden. I have already purchased most of the seeds -enough for an enormous community garden, really, and without exception every checker has looked at me and laughingly shaken their heads. "You feeling that optimistic, eh?" As the snow falls and falls outside: a record-shattering winter. Who knew Virginia was going to be so cold??? As kids stay home from school for an entire week. But I am undaunted: I have already sketched out the entire backyard plot, including the four directions and the projected path of the sun, researched the most effective companion plants to pair up, and secured a rototiller. If all goes well, we are going to be feasting on tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, brussel sprouts, chard, kale, lettuce, mesclun, arugula, beets, turnips, carrots, radishes muskmelons, corn, beans, squash, peas: Alice Waters eat your heart out! Now, I just have to wait until all this stuff melts.

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